Romano Cagnoni


Romano Cagnoni (1935-2018), was a great Italian photojournalist always active on the international scene. This photograph, taken in Biafra in 1968, is part of a touching powerful photo report on a place plagued by conflict, malnutrition, and pain. The subject was not in the limelight at the time, as there were no strong political or economic interests, but Cagnoni persevered and succeeded in attracting attention. His photographs of Biafra would be published in magazines such as Life, and would win major awards and recognition. The photograph shows the recruitment of 150 ethnic Igbo soldiers, a mass devoid of individuality, destined for combat and sacrifice.  Romano Cagnoni believes in photography as a “human document of visual impact” and ever since the Vietnam War he kept narrating History through human events and feelings with intellectual honesty and respect, all the while seeking a personal perspective.

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