Paolo Pellegrin


In this photograph, Paolo Pellegrin, born in Rome in 1964, an internationally acclaimed author and member the international photo agency Magnum, investigates the state of nature on our planet, revealing its magnificent beauty together with its fragility. The ice of our planet displays an aesthetic that is almost painful when it reveals an ongoing destruction. The representation of the sublime, a concept that dates back to Romanticism, is here is here actualized through an ambivalent approach imbued with restless wonder, between fascination and a desire to raise awareness. Environmental damage emerges thanks to Pellegrin’s extensive investigation: the photographer, who in recent years has collaborated with NASA for scientific research purposes, offers us a majestic but only seemingly eternal nature. After years of documenting wartime conflicts, Pellegrin has thus turned his gaze to another ongoing struggle, that of countering the effects of man-made climate change, including melting ice and rising sea levels.

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