Ivano Bolondi


Photographer Ivano Bolondi born in Montecchio, Emilia, Italy, 1941 – 2021) took the photograph Shanghai’  in China in 2010. Attentive and sensitive author, passionate traveler, he loved to be moved by the life around him. For him, photographing meant trying to capture the essence of people and places and transform it into emotion. Shanghai, as well as Bolondi’s entire photographic corpus, is not the result of post-production processing. It’s his gaze processed by his mind that creates an intimate vision through colors, reflections, blurs and more blurs, that allow the author to take reality into the realm of creativity thus going far beyond the ordinary perception of things. The scene in Shanghai shows, among colors and blurs, a recognizable human figure also made trace by a vertical element that crosses it and simultaneously symmetrically divides the entire frame. The fusion of multiple contexts leads to an extreme aesthetic-visual synthesis that intrigues and fascinates the viewer.

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