Nino Migliori


The diver is a 1951 photograph by Nino Migliori, a world-renowned fine artist and inexhaustible experimenter animated by great curiosity and creative variety. There is no technique with which he has not experimented with originality: off-camera images, polaroids, installations and of course photography. The diver is an image that has become iconic, so much so that it was selected in America in 2000 as one of the photos of the millennium. It was taken with a medium format 6×6 Rolleiflex on a pier in Rimini, and represents a true representation of freedom. The diver’s body is tense in the sporting gesture, and is magically parallel to the horizon; the presence of the boy seated on the right plays an important role in the composition, his curved back accompanies his gaze towards the diver’s body. Dynamism marries stasis, and everything appears frozen in perfect balance, with a slight vibration. Nino Migliori seized the moment according to Henri Cartier-Bresson’s philosophy of the decisive moment, creating a foundational piece of a life-long research that will range far beyond.

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