Lorenzo Cicconi Massi


Flying Women’ is part of a photographic project of the same name created in 2017 by Lorenzo Cicconi Massi, a photographer and filmmaker from the Marche region, born in Senigallia (AN) in 1966. The image, in an essential black and white, introduces to an imaginative and dreamlike world characterized by a singular poetic and metaphysical component. The photographer builds a visual relationship of harmonious coexistence between human figures and nature through a gaze that rises upward from below. In the scene, women’s bodies and wild grasses stand out in silhouette against the sky, dark elements in perfect balance with the ones in the light. And here are real women, locked in elegant poses, seeming to move in dance steps, agile and elusive, and flying happily like mythological creatures of the air. Such a vision, a true hymn to serenity, seems to invite the female universe to live life more spontaneously and lightly.

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