Giorgio Lotti


Giorgio Lotti was born in Milan in 1937 and began his photographic career in 1957 as a freelancer for several newspapers and weekly magazines. His career is linked to the magazine Epoca where he worked from 1964 to 1997. This photograph, Flood of Florence, November 4, 1966, documents one of the most catastrophic weather events in Italian history when the Arno River flooded the city. In some parts of the city the water reached six meters in height. As in a Dantesque scene, an old wooden boat crosses the submerged streets of Florence. On board, an elegant lady lays her incredulous gaze on the river invading the city. From the muddy water emerges the roof of a white car, another one can be spotted behind it. Standing there, a burly man in a jacket smeared with mud maneuvers the boat with a long pole; beneath his feet is a rudimentary wooden ladder that was used to get the lady he is carrying to safety. On the upper right, the light of the sky reflected on the water leads us to glimpse of the rest of the city submerged along with its art treasures.

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