Toni Thorimbert


Toni Thorimbert shot La Ragazzina in 1974. The artist, born in Lausanne in 1957 and raised in Milan, made his debut documenting the social and political tensions of the 1970s. The image, shot in Milan, shows a young girl, Giovannina, standing on the shoulders of a boy, her fist clenched upward at a demonstration for the “No” vote in the referendum on the repeal of the divorce law. The photograph was taken at the Palazzina Liberty, a historic Art Nouveau building located in Vittorio Formentano Park, where celebrated actor Dario Fo was performing. The picture and widely circulated in newspapers and records of the time. The image expresses the happiness and enthusiasm of a generation committed to individual rights and social change. It is a photograph that releases and testifies to the energy and passion of youth. The composition of the photo, with the girl in the foreground and the crowd in the background, creates a strong contrast between the individual and the collective dimension and makes it a symbolic image of the youth and protest movements of the 1970s in Italy.

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