Paul Ronald


In this evocative photograph, we see two immortal protagonists of Italian cinema: Marcello Mastroianni and Federico Fellini. The author is Paul Ronald, who died in 2015, an appreciated still photographer, French by birth but active in Italy, whom Fellini wanted on the set of Otto 1/2. From a set of recently found negatives, a fascinating picture emerges of the filming, the activity on the set and portraits of the protagonists of Fellini’s masterpiece in moments of pause and silence. The composition of the photograph is masterful. In the foreground, Mastroianni dressed in black, with white hair, contrasts with a Fellini in the background facing him in inverted colors: the director’s white shirt and black tie stand out against his hair. A sort of Yin and Yang, also suggested by the circular motif of the two rocking chairs. All around, the setting appears luxurious: an immense white fireplace as a backdrop on the right, the frescoed walls, the high ceiling; the scaffolding reveals the workmanship. It is a precious and evocative moment, a gift from a distant time.

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