Massimo Vitali


Massimo Vitali shot Rosignano Fins in 1995. The Italian photographer began as a cameraman for television and film and then became an active photojournalist in Italy and Europe, devoting himself to photography as a means of interpreting reality. In this image he offers a depiction of his country’s beach life in the 1990s, capturing the essence of the beach and the natural beauty of the Tuscan coast. From an elevated perspective and with a great depth of field, Vitali captures the crowd of bathers relaxing on the white sand of Rosignano, a tourist resort in Tuscany. The photograph highlights the contrast between the blue color of the water and the white sand and the industrial structures in the background, which are a source of pollution. This prompts a reflection on the relationship between man and nature, between the need for recreation and the environmental implications of man-made choicesThe photograph is part of a series of works Vitali has dedicated to the Italian landscape and its social and cultural transformations.

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