Paolo Ventura


This photograph is a tribute to the cartoonist and illustrator Saul Steinberg. Since the first glance it appears suspended between multiple dimensions: painting and photography, present and past, reality and theater. Author and protagonist is Paolo Ventura, born in Milan in 1968 into a family of draftsmen and painters. He has worked as a photographer in the fashion world, a genre in which small visual stories centered on a dress are constructed, with precise settings. The transition to fully artistic individual production, which took place in New York with a series of works on war, was gradual and natural for him. His creative process is complex: for each work there is an initial drawing, the construction of a model, the preparation of the scene and backdrop, the creation of the costumes and protagonists (the author himself, or his twin brother, and close family members), the polaroid image and then the final photograph. Ventura, transformer and artist extraordinaire, photographs in order to bring into play his own connection with the created scene, the result of a free vision that gives accomplished life to the imagination.

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