Fulvio Roiter


The 1953 photograph On the road Gela – Niscemi  is part of the first travel reportage made by photographer Fulvio Roiter, who traveled by train and then on a small motorcycle across Italy, covering more than 2,000 km. Roiter, born in Meolo (VE) became a professional photographer in 1926 and his notoriety is mainly linked to his books on Venice.  The photograph, played on a very formal composition, is a documentation of life in Southern Italy in the 1950s. It shows a sunny Sicilian dirt road, the war has been over for a few years, and Sicily is still a purely agricultural region. There are very few cars, people still travel mostly by mule or bicycle. Here then, one could comfortably ride in the middle of the road, with a load of wood on the rack to cook dinner, along with tools for working the land and a sack with lunch. The shot from below accentuates the feeling of movement towards distant countries, to the next industrialization that is not yet on the horizon.

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