Francesco Comello


Francesco Comello, born in Udine in 1963, represents a personal and recognizable look in the panorama of Italian photography. He carries out his research abroad, in remote places. He gets to know cultures from the inside during long stays in the place. With his intense black and white photography loaded with a strong emotional impact, he approaches the deep soul of the realities he chooses to represent. The photograph is from the 2014-15 work The Island of Salvation, a moving account of a Russian community living in a region north of Moscow under an authoritarian rule, immersed in a 19th-century utopia. Three hundred boys live in this community that is also a social experiment. They live in a social island separated from the reality of progress and technology, and they are meant to save themselves from a difficult life on the outside through prayer, military training, agricultural work, study and reading. Until they finding themselves.The balanced and rigorously composed photograph shows us one of the community members symbolically seeming to observe his possible future. In the background, his reality, his present as a form of acceptance and redemption.

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