Stefania Adami


The photograph Barconi di alto bordo – 2016-2017 is perfectly in tune with the Tuscan author’s poetics, always balancing intelligence, irony, beauty and emotion. Stefania Adami was born in Garfagnana (LU) in 1962. A photographer by passion, she espouses from the very first shots the idea of the Photographic Portfolio, making it her expressive mode. She is a Master of Italian Photography. The shot is taken from a story in images that investigates with uncompromising lightness the microcosm of cruises on the Mediterranean Sea. Far beyond appearance, the author prompts us to reflect on the compulsive need for consumption, the uncontrolled desire to fill emotional voids with the most immediate and simple things at hand, banquets and buffets taken by storm as if hunger could never be satiated, as if it were the only way to feel truly alive.

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