Marco Urso


Marco Urso took this picture Jodhpur in 2014 in the Indian town bearing its name. The town is known as the “Blue City” because many buildings are painted in vivid blue. The author, born in Monza (MI) in 1958, is a photographer with a vivid curiosity and passion for travel and nature photographic reports. The image is aesthetically effective and easy to read. Using a wide-angle lens, the author captures an intense moment by building an interesting visual synthesis between place and ways of living. The particular posture of the sleeping dog introduces and guides the observation from the foreground to the background: immersed in the predominant blue color, one is guided through the open door and finally, having walked the internal alley, one is attracted by the red color of the woman’s dress. Attention to framing by colors and sequence planes and promptness to the shot allowed this story to be told as an interesting moment of everyday life.

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