Fabrizio Tempesti


Fabrizio Tempesti is a well-established photographer from Prato active since the 1970s. He is the author of photographic stories and publications that have earned him major awards.This photograph, taken in St. Petersburg in 2018, is part of a larger work, “Condominio Ligovsky Prospekt”. It aims to show the regeneration of of a former industrial bakery by young artists and craftsmen. Although there are some self-managed spaces inside the building with walls decorated with murals, the communal refreshment area represented in the image has remained anonymous, in its squalid structure devoid of identity. Squeezed between high concrete walls, it is a compressed place from which the color of the sky cannot even be glimpsed. Two girls in a moment of pause are having a light-hearted conversation: in their thoughts there are plans that go beyond that grayness to which, living in the suburbs, they probably had to get used to.

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