Enrico Genovesi


Sometimes photographs appear to us as a continuation of our dreams, as the unexpected reflection of our desires, or our anxieties, or nightmares. And we are there. In 2010’s Spettacolo Nostalgia, Enrico Genovesi, a Tuscan photographer born in 1962, seems to recover for our eyes, with precise references to Chagall, the excellent circus iconography (that, to be clear, of Chaplin, Fellini, Izis) so that his vision faces the scene of common existence and intercepts a fragment of poetry. A fragment with which to combine the joy of the child’s face with the mystery of the unknown spectator and his shadow. The composition has an obvious theatrical dynamism, accentuated by the profile of the spectator used as a “visual backdrop” and the opening of the marquee/curtain. The whole scene corresponds to the viewer’s gaze, but the Author, in the title, reminds us that he wanted to speak of “nostalgia”: thus, of pain, the “algia,” and of a return, the “nòstos.” And the title, then, authorizes us to view the image as a story about us.

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