Marina Alessi


Marina Alessi’s 2002 photograph Claudio Bisio falls into the genre of portrait photography, a form of artistic expression that aims to portray the personality and character of an individual.  The subject of the photograph is the well-known actor and comedian Claudio Bisio. The author used a Polaroid Giant Camera, a rare and valuable camera that allows for unique and unrepeatable images in 50×60 format, with a vintage and suggestive look. The work captures the essence of the character, his expressiveness and charisma. Bisio’s face is in the foreground, with an intense and ironic gaze that seems to challenge the viewer. The contrast between light and shadow creates a dramatic yet elegant effect. The photograph is part of a series of portraits of famous actors, made with the same technique, with which the photographer goes beyond the physical representation and enters the world of art.

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