Maurizio Galimberti


The Johnny Depp portrait was taken during the 2003 edition of the Venice Film Festival. The author, Maurizio Galimberti, born in Como (MI) in 1956, is an internationally famous photographer known as an “Instant Artist” for his predominant use of Polaroid instant films.
Galimberti, in a constant search for rhythm and dynamism, reinterprets the “photographic mosaic” technique, elaborating and perfecting over time his personal technique rich in cultural references and cross-references to avant-garde art studies. His kaleidoscopic visions of landscapes, architecture, cities and people are countless. His portraits of celebrities are extremely famous. In the Johnny Depp portrait, the actor is broken down into fragments of face and body. The Polaroid shots, taken live and in sequence, are organized in a rigorous way and only if placed side by side do they recompose Depp in a complete in a complete work, conceived and told in an unprecedented contemporary triple vision.

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