Mario Giacomelli


Mario Giacomelli,(1925-2000) was born in the Italian region Marche. He was an all-round artist, active as a typographer, photographer and painter. He approached photography in the 1950s and became close to Giuseppe Cavalli, a reference figure of the time. Since that time he was aware that photography cannot be a mere representation of reality. Success ensued, and in 1964 he was included in an exhibition at the MoMA in New York. In the 1980 aerial photograph entitled Presa di coscienza sulla natura, (Becoming aware of Nature )Giacomelli gives life to his vision: the territory, marked by the typical deep furrows, offers raw material for a non-descriptive and two-dimensional representation of places. The landscape is internalized, transfigured through powerfully accentuated contrasts up to abstraction, where the form becomes essence. The furrows of the earth appear as hypnotic signs, which seem to converge towards a topical point above, the only man-made artifact in an anthropized place. The insistent geometries, fruit of the hand and action of man, are made into pure sign and force us to take a new look.

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