Aniello Barone


The photograph represents a contemporary and committed vision of the industrial area of San Giovanni a Teduccio, in Naples, the birthplace of the author, Aniello Barone. It is part of a  project entitled Detta innominata, carried out in the early years of the new millennium. In an almost graphic scenario, the two young protagonists, set between two dynamic wings, leave behind a past and look to the right, which in the language of photography symbolizes the future. Far from any rhetoric and convention, the photographer, who has always been involved in social issues, gives a face to his world of origin, investigates it with a sense of personal vision and makes it extremely artistic. The decisive black and white creates areas of dense shadow with a strong metaphorical value: that darkness is the earthly world, which could prevent the flight of young people and swallow them up. Yet, the subjects stand out in almost total silhouette against a bright sky, and seem to already be able to rise above the ground, vertical like the smokestacks in the background. In front of them, an unknown time, full of opportunities and – perhaps – of promises.

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