Mario Cresci


The 1997 photograph Seeing Through, Pisa, is a shining example of artistic experimentation. Fascinated by the contamination between different expressive disciplines, a firm believer in the slow gaze, Mario Cresci was born in Chiavari (GE) in 1942. He is a photographer, academic director, university lecturer, graphic designer. For him, photography is never an end in itself, self-sufficient, and singular, but is always part of a story through images capable of combining beauty and knowledge, research and emotion. Piazza dei Miracoli is barely perceptible behind the fence, from a gap the normally majestic scene can only be partial, but no less fascinating. Not being able to share the vision increases our curiosity to discover more. The hand in the foreground operating the self-timer only makes us aware that the author will keep his appearance to himself, but, at the same time, stimulates us to discover one of our own.

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