Antonio Biasiucci


A black-and-white view struck by an otherworldly light in a clueless setting seems to place us in front of an alien landscape, which at a second glance appears to be a close-up shot of a wooden log. The richness of detail transforms the edges of the wood into a fantasy skyline: the image offers us a transfigured reality, in which the realistic datum is a pretext to give substance to a different, subjective and imaginative, vision. The photographer Antonio Biasiucci, born in 1961, is from Caserta, Italy. His work, which shows a highly artistic slant, part of many permanent museum collections, shows his ability to observe and interpret elements present in nature, acting on the viewer’s perception and guiding it in surprising directions. The viewer will look at uninhabited cities on planets in other galaxies, or evocative panoramas shrouded in darkness and silence skillfully torn by light, light that opens a glimpse into the dense, original blackness of a mysterious cosmos. Biasiucci seems to shape unknown worlds from what is most familiar to us, transposing them into other dimensions.

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