Piergiorgio Branzi


‘Burano, Piazza Grande’, (1957), is one of the many splendid accounts of post-war Italy that photographer Piergiorgio Branzi has given us. Born in Florence in 1928, a photographer and television journalist, Branzi is considered the most European of the Italian photographers of that period. The shot thrives on the explosive energy of the subject’s acrobatic gesture, a boy in full control of the balance of his body. His bare feet tell us about his social background. The low-class neighborhood in the background amplifies the simplicity of his condition. In the almost deserted square transformed into a stage a dressed up boy looks at him with envious admiration, while an old lady ignores him, hunched over by the weight of the years and the recently ended war. The photograph expresses the desire to subvert everyday life, start anew, and finally look at reality from another point of view.

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