The building was commissioned by the “Compagnia delle Sacre Stimmate” (Company of the Sacred Stigmata) of Bibbiena between 1736 and 1782 (www.comunedibibbiena.ar.it).
The façade was completed in 1879 and presents a rigorous Neoclassical style. It is composed by a gable supported by four semi-columns resting on a high base; the main entrance is framed by two rectangular niches surmounted by semicircular windows.
The interior presents a single nave and it is sumptuously decorated with stuccos dating back to 1755-1756. The frescoes were painted by Giuseppe Parenti around 1770.
The addition of elements in a strong Rococo style and the refined work suggest a possible intervention by Antonio Galli Bibiena for his hometown. In fact in those years he was engaged in the restoration of the Pergola theatre in Florence ( www.fondazioneteatrodellapergola.it).

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