Gianni Berengo Gardin


Gianni Berengo Gardin, a prolific author of international fame deeply interested in social issues, is one of the greatest names in Italian photography. In the ‘United Kingdom’ photograph shot in 1977, he shows us a couple inside a convertible car contemplating a gloomy scenario. The point of view is behind them. The landscape, articulated in horizontal bands interrupted by the static silhouette of the car, arouses contradictory feelings: the elements of the landscape are gloomy, and the sea, even more than the sky, appears darkly threatening in its blackness. One searches for the horizon, but the line of the sea leaves no room for the breath of infinity. The world seems to end there, in that line of land beyond the water. In an actualization of the figure shown from the back present in the paintings of Romanticism, in which the spectator observes an immense and at times restless nature, we identify ourselves with the two human figures, close together in the car but physically separate, and we wonder what their dreams might be. And we imagine that they are experiencing an escape from reality, an immobile longing for what is greater than mankind.

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