Pepi Merisio


Two newlyweds set off down the road of life, coming towards us as they walk, followed by a small procession of a small procession of guests dressed up for the occasion. A car, a symbol of ease and progress, acts as a counterpoint with its visual weight within the composition, balancing it. The scene has strong social value. It is 1967, in the Colli Albani, in a country, Italy,  Italy that has the strength to leave behind the postwar period and start an economic boom, optimistically overcoming unemployment, illiteracy, and poverty. The author, Pepi Merisio, a historical photojournalist for Epoca magazine, offers us a profound reflection with social implications in the wake of the best humanist tradition that emerged in the mid-20th century in the panorama of world photography. Merisio devotes himself to the world of ordinary people, and makes them true protagonists of their present. His work represents an irreplaceable testimony of an era of transition in our history.

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