Federico Patellani


A beautiful Ingrid Bergman smiles as in a movie opening theme song across the front page of a newspaper announcing the birth of the Italian Republic. As in a game of Chinese boxes, this image will be the cover of the weekly magazine Tempo. It is 1946, and History is being made. To tell it with competence and freedom of expression is Federico Patellani 1911-1977), an important Italian photojournalist, considered among the greatest exponents of photographic neorealism. Patellani was in Stromboli to document the filming of the movie Stromboli, Land of God. The director was Roberto Rossellini, Bergman was the protagonist. Patellani’s photographic narrative is innovative and original: the images are not institutional, and instead render the actress’ most human and authentic personality, transformed into an exceptional testimonial of Italy in the world, fixing forever a founding historical moment for our country.

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