Giuliana Traverso


The photograph The Merry-,Go-Round taken by Giuliana Traverso in 1983, is part of the work Vecchia Genova (Old Genoa) that the author, paying homage to her city, conducted from the 1960s until the end of the 1980s. The project wishes to bear witness to the environmental and social changes that redesigned the Genoese social fabric over time, through iconic stories that document and interpret places and life with emotional participation,. The atmospheres today allow us to think back to how we were. On the occasion of an unusual snowfall in Genoa in 1983, in a quiet public garden, among the snow left on the ground, an iron carousel, taken in the foreground, isolated, appears to us as a monument to memory. It is evocative, motionless, in silence. With nostalgia it makes you think of carefree moments and the festive chatter of children who, sitting on those little horses, turning as fast as possible, could dream of a thousand adventures and wonderful journeys. In 1984, Giuliana Traverso proposed a reinterpretation of this photograph to increase its suggestion and dreaminess.

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