Giovanni Chiaramonte


As early as the 1970s Giovanni Chiaramonte was studying the work of a number of photographers who were contributing to the birth of a new outlook in photography, including Luigi Ghirri, Paolo Monti, Arturo Carlo Quintavalle, and writing in-depth essays on their work. In his own photography Chiaravalle often concentrates on the search for the relationship between places and the destiny toward which human existence moves. The collection Westwards, which includes this photograph, was born in 1992 during a trip throrugh California, Arizona and Florida, and was published in 1996 with a preface by photographer Joel Meyerowitz and texts by Umberto Fiori. Chiaramonte is a photographer of places, which he doesn’t intend his to document. He shows us the simplicity of everyday life, but there is a tension between what is shown and the emptiness produced by the absence of a central event. In that environment the human story appears small, but one’s gaze may reach beyond what is visible, toward a decisive point in space and time where one can meet infinity.

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