Gabriele Basilico


Gabriele Basilico, (1944-2013) whose name is synonymous with architectural photography in Italy and around the world, is one of the greatest interpreters of urban space investigated in all its facets. After getting a degree in architecture from the Milan Polytechnic and a debut in photography with social implications, in 1984 he received from France his first important international assignment on the contemporary landscape. For the Mission de la DATAR, Basilico explores 400km of Brittany and Normandy coastline, photographing in large format, with a 10×12 view camera. This photograph, ‘Le Tréport, Mers Les Bains’ is part of the famous final book Bord de Mer. With its thoughtful and attentive approach to change, the work represents an in-depth reading of places which profoundly innovates the landscape genre, traditionally approached in a totally technical or artistic way. Basilico merges the two dimensions, imprints his personal reading of the territory and elevates photography to the only contemporary art form capable of measuring itself against the complexity and identity transformation of the landscape.

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