Mario Ingrosso


In this 1963 photograph, set in Milan’s Central Station, the author shows us a man in a very natural pose. He looks directly at us, with a vein of curiosity denoted by the raised eyebrows and the expression marks on his forehead: after all, the act of photographing is always a dialogue, a moment of mutual acquaintance of which a permanent trace remains. The author is Mario Ingrosso, a name well known to national and international audiences: born in 1935 in Asti, he became famous for his neo-realist depiction of an Italy on the move, suspended between a past imbued with tradition and a tomorrow to be conquered. After depicting the ancient soul of the Peninsula, Ingrosso turned his gaze to the urban dimension. The protagonist of this photograph is an emigrant masterfully framed between the converging lines of tracks and trains, who embodies the idea of travel, which can be symbolic: at the end of the majestic structure of Milan Station, whose vault bears an advertising sign of immediate national identification, a light awaits him, the future.

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